Did Not Attend (DNA) Policy

Patients failing to attend appointments is a huge and avoidable waste of valuable GP and Nurse appointments. In the past year over 590 hours of appointment time has been lost at the practice due to patients who “did not attend”; this is equivalent to us losing 3 GP clinics every single week.

The effect of DNAs is:

  • An increase in the waiting time for appointments
  • Frustration for both staff and patients
  • A waste of resources
  • A potential risk to the health of the patient

Please help us to avoid this by cancelling your appointment in good time (preferably 24 hours ahead) so that we may offer your appointment to another patient who needs it.

You can cancel your appointment in the following ways:

  • online via our appointments app
  • by replying CANCEL to your appointment reminder text
  • by phoning 01865 762535

Mistakes do happen and the Practice understands that appointments can be forgotten about or overlooked. In such cases, the Practice will take into account the reason given by Patients.

Important information when you miss your appointment (our DNA policy)

  • In the event that a patient does not attend (DNA) an appointment then the appointment will be recorded as a DNA
  • On the first occasion a text will be sent to the patient with a link to the DNA policy and reminding them to cancel in good time if they cannot attend
  • If a patient does not attend (DNA) for two appointments within a 12 month period, they will be sent a letter explaining that they did not attend their appointment and the effect it has on the practice, and what will happen if they DNA a third time
  • If a patient DNA’s a third time within a 12 month period then a second letter will be sent, asking them to contact the Patient Services Manager to discuss any specific problem preventing them from cancelling appointments. At this point they may be asked to register with another practice. 

To avoid all of this please ensure that you cancel your appointment in good time (and an absolute minimum of an hour before the appointment time. Anything cancelled after this time could still count as a DNA).