When We Are Closed


Dealing With An Emergency

Call 999 in an emergency. 

A medical emergency is a situation in which the health of a person is at high risk of deteriorating rapidly without immediate medical attention.

For example, chest pains, increasing difficulty in breathing, impaired consciousness and any of the signs of a stroke (facial weakness, inability to lift a limb or slurred speech) constitute an emergency.

In a medical emergency you can access urgent paramedical help by calling 999.



Call NHS 111

Between 6.30pm and 8.30am on weekdays and  throughout weekends and bank holidays, you should ring 111.  The 111 staff will decide which service best meets your needs.

You may be asked to attend the Oxford out of hours GP clinic at Manzil Way, Cowley. This employs doctors fully trained in general practice who will notify your usual GP following your visit.

Please only request an out–of–hours consultation if you think that you cannot wait until we are next open. The service can only deal with your immediate problems – it cannot issue sick notes, order tests or change your regular treatments and so is not an alternative to seeing your own doctor. 

If you are able then you may be asked to attend a Primary Care Centre. You may be offered telephone advice from the duty doctor if it seems a face–to–face consultation is not necessary.