Video Consultations

We are now offering patients the opportunity to consult with our clinicians using video calls.

Getting started is easy. You will need access to a smartphone or tablet, or a computer with a webcam. You should then download the app for free via the App store or via Google Play, click on the icons below to get started.

Poor quality internet connections can often interfere with the quality of the video conference. Therefore, please use the fastest connection you have available (mobile or broadband) and the device with highest resolution/quality webcam/rear facing camera.

At the start of the consultation the clinician will introduce themselves and the reason for the consultation will be explained. You will be asked some identifying questions such as your name, address, and date of birth to make sure the right patient, right doctors and right health records are present. The clinician will speak with you and ask you questions in the same way as they would at a face-to-face consultation